Bitch Planet

Title: Bitch Planet Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Illustrator: Valentine De Landro, Letters: Clayton Cowles, Colours: Cris Peter, Publisher: Image Comics Bitch Planet is set in the near future, a future where women are expected to conform to the standards of a male dominated society. Women from all walks of life who don’t conform are deemed “Non-Compliant” and sent to a prison world called Bitch Planet. The story so far follows Kamau Kogo who has been … Continue reading Bitch Planet

April Wish List

So I thought I’d start putting together a monthly wish list of geeky treats, for no other reason that I like window shopping! 1. Wesley Crusher Uniform Hoodie   Seriously, look at it. It’s amazing. That’s all I need to say. Available at Think Geek for $59.99 (around £40.50). 2. Lucky Dip Club The description on the website is “Personalised packages filled with surprises”. One of … Continue reading April Wish List

Bitsa this bitsa that

Ok, was going to do an intellectual post about Rat Queens – Braga, but I’m not feeling very intellectual at the moment. My mind is being taken over by making hats for Norwich Fashion Week and I’m find it hard to concentrate fully on anything that doesn’t involve sewing. So, rather than not posting anything at all for the next couple of weeks, I thought I’d … Continue reading Bitsa this bitsa that