Recommended: Paper Girls

Title: Paper Girls Writer: Brian K. Vaughan. Illustrator: Cliff Chiang & Matt Wilson. Publisher: Image I can’t remember the exact reason I added Paper Girls to my pull list. I have a vague recollection of being drawn to the front cover in Previews and the write up led me to thinking that girls were the main characters. I wasn’t very familiar with Brian K Vaughan’s work, although I now know he wrote … Continue reading Recommended: Paper Girls

Suzy Bishop – Moonrise Kingdom (on a budget)

Last Saturday I went to a Wes Anderson themed evening at my local independent cinema (Cinema City). The film was a surprise and dressing up was encouraged. Now, my friends and I don’t need much encouragement to dress up, so we jumped at the chance to put costumes together. I’d recently watched Moonrise Kingdom so decided to go along as Suzy Bishop. I’m on a super strict … Continue reading Suzy Bishop – Moonrise Kingdom (on a budget)