Another Pin Display….

So I went and upgraded my pastel pin display…….

Over Christmas I did a tiny bit of embroidery on a pin display hoop for a friend. I haven’t embroidered for years, but doing that little bit really gave me a taste for it. I’ve had a Sublime Stitching craft pad sitting on a bookcase for absolutely ages so I dug it out and had a flick through. I’ve always loved the designs but I’d never really put my mind to finding a use for them.

I settled on the design from the cover, I thought pins would look cute along the banner. Initially I was just going to do an outline, but I got a little bit carried away.

And here’s the final piece all pinned up. Maybe a simpler design would show the pins more clearly, but I had fun working on it. The big question is what to embroider next?!




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