Patches & Pins

I’ve been trying to write this post for ages, but it turns out I have developed a bit of a patch & pin problem which meant I never seemed to have enough of a finished item to show you. It all started when I found a couple of patches I’d ordered a from 8-bit Zombie before Christmas last year. At the time I had put them somewhere ‘safe’ and completely forgot about them. They turned up in my annual spring clean, along with a few My Little Pony and an awesome Tank Girl patch that my husband bought me.  I suddenly had a pretty cool patch collection, but no way to show them off.


I spent a while mulling over the best way to show the patches off, I kind of knew whatever I got would have to be denim. I was very tempted by a denim jacket, but my sensible side knew I would never actually wear it, so I settled for a stonewashed denim backpack from Primark. It’s a pretty hideous bag, and most people I showed it to laughed at me, but a girl with patches has to put them somewhere!


I removed the two pockets on the back as I thought they were a little excessive and then started arranging the patches I had on the back and started sewing them one. I decide to sew rather than Iron them on so I can swap things round. Anyway, this is were the patch & pin problem began……

My bag, although pretty awesome, was a little bit 80’s themed. I wanted to balance it out a bit with modern patches. So I started looking on Instagram and Etsy……and I haven’t stopped looking since. These are the extra bits I got….

I’m on a limited budget so I was restrained with my buying, but it took me a week to finally decide on these little beauties. I have a long ‘to buy’ list. Here was my my final awesome denim backpack on Saturday.

Since then I’ve bought another teeny tiny patch and had another pin in the post. The pin is from a website called Pin Club. You subscribe and get a mystery limited edition pin every month. I just managed to catch this months subscription so I’ll be getting a pin every month. This month’s pin, to my absolute joy, was a unicorn designed by Lazy Line Painter Belle.

And, for your browsing pleasure, here’s a list of my favourite patch & pin shops.

8-Bit Zombie        Kim Searle      Tuesday Bassen     Sugar Bones     Half Stitch Embriodery

Stay Home Club    Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes     Team Tumbleweed    Punky Pins




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