I don’t usually go in for Valentine shenanigans. My husband and I have probably exchanged Valentine cards three times in the whole time we’ve been together. In the past I’ve looked at Valentine as being a commercial affair that I’ll happily steer clear of. However, this year a friend of mine invited me to a “Galentines” party. While I’m not a massive fan of the word “Galentines” (I think it sounds weird), I thought the sentiment behind it sounded really nice. Who wouldn’t want to to spend an afternoon crafting, eating cheese & cake and drinking cocktails with some good friends? Also, I can’t resist an opportunity to partake in a theme day. Stacia had decorated her dining room beautifully and had made sure everything was colour coordinated, we even had pink drinks.

I was officially in charge of the crafts. The only restriction was to keep it simple. Some of the gang haven’t done much crafting so weren’t confident with anything too complicated. I decided on Hama Beads. I’ve never used them before and I’ve been itching to have a go every since my bosses daughter made me a Hama Bead unicorn. I ordered a selection of colours directly from (who are based just down the road in Bury St Edmund) and bought some boards from Tiger (if you haven’t been to a Tiger store yet, you really need to find one. BEST SHOP EVER)

I had a good old trawl through Pinterest for inspiration. I decided on bunting (which we freestyled), cute cats and a bracelet. The beads were really, really easy to use. Everyone got on really well with them. Even the two ladies who said they were rubbish at crafts made some really awesome bits.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and even left with a gift bag full of cakey treats and some delicious handmade chocolates from Stacia’s fiancée. I’m also desperate to play with Hama Beads again. Has anyone seen any good bead templates or crafts?



One thought on “Valentines

  1. That looks like a really nice day! And now I want to play with beads! Not until I finish my knitting project though! Must not get distracted!!


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