My first sketchnote diary

Waaaah, my first sketchnote diary! So, I don’t think I’m doing sketchnoting”properly” (but when do I ever do anything the way I should?!). This little page of doodles took me way longer than it should have. It took three attempts to get the layout how I wanted and several goes at getting Tilly to actually look like a rabbit.  I think this is partly to the fact that I overestimated the size of sketch book I would need. A blank A4 page is pretty terrifying. I ended up folding the page in half to make an A5 sheet.Sketch

Despite the scary blank page, I stuck with it, and to be honest, I’m pretty proud of my first go at a sketchnote diary…..


I had originally planned to do a diary a week, but last week was really dull. I hardly did anything apart from try and draw up the above diary. So I started to think of other ways I could use this style of note taking. I think it could be a nice way to do the first stage of my hat design process (I make hats in my spare time check out Siofra Connor Millinery). Usually I start with a spider diagram and then narrow down my design ideas from there.


I’ve made a start, I like where it’s going. Hopefully doodling at an earlier stage in the design process will get the ideas flowing more quickly.


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